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April 21, 2009 9:46AM

Street Meat: Banks, Crude, and the Dictators

By Eric Bolling

Dictators Degrees of Separation

In twenty + years as an oil trader I have developed a unique understanding of various oil dictators. Vlad Putin in Russia, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, the late Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Bolivias Evo Morales are some. But the most dangerous of the group IMO is Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “Dictator For Life”.
Chavez has directed oil to China in the middle of an oil shock in the U.S. just to hurt us. After all, it cost him more to send that oil across the sea to a far away China rather than ship it to our refineries located in nearby West Coast plants.
Chavez has called a sitting U.S. President “el diablo” (the devil) from the U.N. General Assembly podium.
This man is a thief, a thug and a criminal Chavez is more than willing to accommodate exiled Colombian drug lords in order to ensure the continued fleecing of the Venezuelan people’s wealth.
Obama’s handshake is appalling to me. Anyone who respects the flag of the U.S. or the office of the President should be equally concerned. That includes every one of our patriots who have fought and risked or lost their lives protecting those beliefs.


9 Responses to “Street Meat: Banks, Crude, and the Dictators”

  • Bert says:

    An interesting note to me is that not one mainstream reporter has reported on last year’s purchase by Venezuela of a Russian AK factory. I asked one of our local media types why, if I was a drug cartel member, should I buy a black-market American semi-auto for $1,200 to $1,500 when I could more easily get a fully-automatic AK for a couple of hundred bucks from Venezuela? He had no reply. These AK’s are being distributed through out South and Central America as military aid, aid to “freedom fighters”, and just for the cash they generate. We are in deep doo-doo there but our Administration has other things on their agenda instead of containing the threat from Venezuela’s actions. There’s not much we can do about it, but to protest the lie that most of the cartels weapons come from us. Last time I looked you couldn’t buy RPG’s at gun shows here and I’ve never seen an RPD light machine gun on sale here either.

  • DrDetroit says:


    off subject here

    but anyone ELSE outraged – as I am – learning of a TARP recipient ? PNC ?

    who took TARP money -when NOT in distress ? TAX PAYERS money ?

    used it as a CREDIT CARD – to go buy National City ?

    All the while- get this

    PNC hired one William Demchak I read – at SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR

    POST TARP money

    anyone have a problem with this ?

    I for one say – let PNC know how you feel.

    TARP and banks ? ONE thing – IF in distress- bad enough

    TARP + BANKS NOT in distress ? using taxes to go shopping with ?

    and paying new corporate officer hires ? 600k ? a year + STOCK ?

    to decide how to spend YOUR tax dollars ?

    I say – let PNC know how you feel

    and close out all accounts tomorrow.

    I sure am ASAP.

    this is an outrage.

    600k a year? to figure out how to SHOP with the tax payers money

    wow –

    what a JOB William Demchak

    REAL hard WORK there

    SCREW YOU PNC – may you lose 20% of your account base by next week.

    Tax payers will NOT tolerate your MIS-USE – and I say CRIMINAL use of tax payers money.

    I’d get the hell out of PNC before they become IndyMac.

  • drDetroit says:

    forgot to mention

    doesn’t HELP that TODAY

    Treasury announced FDIC can’t handle PNC if it fails.

    Get out while the gettin’s good

  • Mike says:

    Is it because Obama feels such a moral closeness to Chavez he’s ready to kiss him on the mouth? After all, they are both Socialists in the worst sense of this word (it this word has any positive sense). Of course, Chavez is much more successful in installing himself at the High Chair forever; Obama still needs some time – and help from Soros and Good Old New Yourk Times – to get over this small annoying thing people call Constitution. But he’ll succeed, he has great teachers – Marks, Stalin, Mao, Fidel (didn’t he also kiss him? or was it his brother). Nothing will stop the train of Socialism in our poor stupid country.

  • Lowell Strom says:

    I belivev you made a mistake on Live Dest a few minutes ago, when you said that the GM workers were not going to be paid when 9 GM plants are closed for 9 weeks. I understood that they will be getting 75% of their pay, and I’ll bet they will collect the balance from unemployment.
    Lowell Strom
    Coral Springs, FL

  • jeff saturday says:

    So, we have Sen. Christopher J. Dodd who will remain chairman of the Senate Banking Committee in the 111th Congress. But did not know he was in the “Friends of Angelo” program that saved him $80,000.00 on his mortgage.

    And we have Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, and a serial tax evader, a guy who can’t figure out his own taxes and is supposed to fix the economy.

    I think the Detroit Lions put a better team on the field last year

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