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March 31, 2009 8:52PM

What The Car Czars Are Driving Might Shock You

By Eric Bolling

Perfect Political Hypocrisy

A survey of West Executive Drive, where White House staffers park, found 18 of the 23 vehicles were imports. Only five were made by the “Big 3,” according to Politico‚Äôs Amie Parnes and Carol E. Lee.

Even more ridiculous is a look at what the auto task force members are driving.

Get this:
Tim Geithner — Acura
Larry Summers — Mazda
Peter Orszag — Honda

How about these:
White House Economist Jared Bernstein — Honda
White House Economic Advisor Austin Goolsbee — Toyota

If it weren’t so ridiculous, it would be funny.

Hey, Jesse Watters: How about an O’Reilly-style ambush interview of the car czar Steven Rattner? Wonder if we catch him getting out of a nice new BMW?


74 Responses to “What The Car Czars Are Driving Might Shock You”

  • Merv says:

    How do you determine “U.S.” cars? A lot of the cars from foreign companies are actually made within the U.S., while some “Big 3″ cars are imported. In fact, many years ago one state decided to buy mini-pickups that had actually been made in the U.S. It turned out that all the “Big 3″ models were actually rebranded trucks from production lines in Japan. The only such pickup that came from a U.S. factory said “Volkswagen”

  • Linda says:

    We have been buying Honda vehicles for a very long time and have just purchased a brand new 2009 Honda Accord. We would not even consider buying GM, Ford, or Chrysler. Looks like we’re not alone.

  • Zero says:

    I had a 2007 Camry 6 cyl. xle – hated it. I quickly replaced it with a Chrysler product – lovinmg it!!!

  • Meko says:

    To Merv:

    US owned companies … we know where cars are built.

  • Mike says:

    I have owned lemons and winners, both imported and domestic. People who are critical of American brands probably haven’t looked at them lately. The US competes extremely well with imports at all levels. Both Ford and Chevy make great small cars (the Ford Focus is one of the most popular cars in the world), the Corvette performs as well as or out-performs sports cars costing three times as much, and Cadillac’s CTS is recognized as a true competitor to BMW and Mercedes. And NOBODY makes trucks like the USA.

    I have owned a Honda, a couple Toyota’s, a couple Nissan’s, a Hyundai, several Ford’s, a couple Chevy’s, and several Chrysler products. Some made it well into the six-figure mileage mark, some started having problems way before that time. No difference whether it was an import or domestic. And I keep all my vehicles very well-maintained. I’ve found as long as you take care of them, they all last.

    My biggest ‘lemons’ were a Toyota and a Chevy. All the Ford’s lasted well into six figures, and even the Hyundai’s made it into the mid-six-figure mark.

    My next car was going to be a Cadillac CTS. Now that the government will be meddling with GM, I’m not so sure.

  • Rattler says:

    I drive a very nice 2004 Checy Avalanche that I love. I will have an extremely tough time buying another Big 3 vehicle in the future. When the UAW gives 53 million to the DNC (which is 100% legal) and then claims that it needs more concessions from the Big 3, then they can kiss my a**! Theirs plenty of non-union cars being built here in the US by other companies that I will be pursuing next time. I don’t agree with the UAW and I think they have completely brainwashed many of their laborers into thinking they actually give a sh** about them! Hopefully they will wake up one of these days and realize how bad their boss’s are actually treating them. The only way for me to speak my voice is to not support them by buying one of their cars. I feel it’s almost more American to support the “little guy” thats working his ass off in the non-union factories to support his family and not trying to make a political statement. Anyhow, I better go see what the Marxists have done to our economy today, have a great day everyone!

  • Phillip Fournier says:

    It’s good to see people in the existing administration have the brains not to buy american made vehicles. The obviously understand the importance of quality workmanship and bang for the buck. Their choices reflect an intelligent thought process. With that in mind, can we assume most of you at Fox are driving domestic?

  • Debbie says:

    Just another example of miscommunication and false ideologies…remember who supported this country after 9/11…not any of the big imports..nada, zilch, zero!
    And, look at their charitable contributions by community. This country owes a lot more to the American 3 than their citizens would ever admit. If you really do the homework, not taking the very biased media at their word, and look at the technological advancements and refinements of American cars, those where the profits actually stay in the US, you’d be pleasantly surprised…and proud! Keep America Rolling!

  • Ex Back says:

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