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March 30, 2009 1:43PM

Since We Are Paying… WE Should Name Them!

By Eric Bolling

I have written extensively here about auto bailouts and my distaste for spending hard earned taxpayer money on what are no more than fledgling-pension-funds-disguised-as-a-car companies. I have suggested that we cut the life support for the failed business plans in Detroit. Bailing out the ailing U.S. auto makers is like infusing precious blood into a body that is bleeding out faster than the blood going in. A good doc will stop the bleeding before blowing through the blood bank’s blood supply.

I even offered to buy a vehicle from any or all three Detroit car manufacturers if they avoided taking taxpayer money. GM and Chrysler failed miserably in that, while Ford remains a stand out. I will buy a Ford F-150 this summer if they don’t take government money. I am looking forward to a shiny new Ford proudly parked on my driveway.

Since Washington seems to be interested in providing more of our (blood) money, I suggest WE (add YOUR comments to this blog) re-name the cars coming off the assembly lines. Here are some that my twitter.com/ericbolling followers and I came up with so far:

Oldsmobile = “Obamabile”

GM Hummer = GM “Bummer”

Chrysler 300 = Chrysler “3 Billion”

Chevy Volt = Chevy “Re-Volt”

Chevy Avalanche … is appropriately named

Post YOURS in comments …


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